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How a Property Management App Can Help Landlords and Tenants


It is usually said and believed that the life of a property owner is as delightful as having an endless vacation with some short intervals for getting the rental payments. But in actuality, having possession of a rental property demands a lot of efforts; more than just counting rents.

From the very initial stage when you buy a property, you get into a perpetual process called maintenance. You need exceptionally more care and attention for the residential property especially if you are giving it on rent. Over and over again, rental properties demand more support, care, and administer service than a self-used home. Managing multiple rental properties simultaneously is overwhelming and may lead to several mistakes which can further cause financial losses. Nevertheless, property management apps for Android can be a good option to simplify your landlord’s and also tenant’s life.

The ultimate reason for using a property management app

Property management apps help landlords get complete control over every phase. An app offers the best solutions for not only the landlords but also for the property managers that are doing their part of the duty to simplify the routine tasks.

Property management apps are significantly customized to the property owner’s needs. What about creating an app that could be helpful to both landlords and tenants? Renting a house consists of two parts: the landlord and the tenants. Moreover, having a property management app sounds to be a good idea for both types of users.

Before you start developing a property management application, it is a good idea to know what features you should incorporate in the app.

Beneficial Features for the landlord

The key features to incorporate in the application for the landlord or property manager are-

Rent Collection – This is the most satisfying part for any landlord but the process can become stressful when the tenants delay payments. One of the best tips to prevent such a stressful situation is refusing to accept the rental amount in cash. Develop online payment functionality. Online rant tracking is the best feature to monitor rental payments. With the help of an app, all detailed rental payment history will be right in your pocket so you will be able to keep track on the due dates and rental balances like what amount is been paid already and what amount still has to be paid.

Accounting – Property management software can help landlords keep track of the profits, create reports, and manage payments to be paid out to contractors, vendors, and property owners. Moreover, you can also use this accounting report for tax purposes.

Track Payments – A landlord has various financial obligations such as paying property insurance, taxes, mortgage, etc. All these payments are to be paid within a specific date. Creating an app, you can pre-set notifications to ensure that none of your payments are missed. Apart from this, property management apps for iPhone can keep all your expenses organized. By adding up screenshots of receipts or any other file this handy feature can track all your expenses. Click Here to Download

Home Maintenance Automation – All day-to-day maintenance such as cleaning, landscaping, minor repairs, garbage recycling, etc. are usually mandatory and are to be paid regularly within a specific set of time. In this context, a management app lets you add payment notifications or set automatic payments to the service provider.

Security Laws & Regulations – A little piece of IoT can bring control over your property to a new level. Your smart devices like furnaces or smoke detectors if connected with the app can get you real-time notifications if anything goes wrong.

Contacting the Tenants – Property management software can ease you to stay connected with your tenants whether you have one or more rental properties. Specifically, if you have multiple rental properties, you may not remember contact details and names of your tenants. You can store all needed information about the tenants in your device system and with ease find the needed information and reach out to the person at any moment convenient to you both.

Beneficial features for tenants

The features that can be of the great help for tenants are-

Online Payments – This feature once incorporated in your maintenance software can add more freedom to not only you as a landlord but also to the tenants with no monthly plans to meet you in person and count the bunch of banknotes to pay the rent. With the help of an app, they can pay out the rental amount just with a few taps. Moreover, utility bills can also be paid through this app and once paid your tenants can download the receipt through the app.

Home Maintenance Automation – Keeping your property cozy and pleasing for years require ongoing maintenance. In today’s day and age, we all are busy having multiple tasks to handle. Memorizing all the routine to-do tasks is very difficult. Creating a customized schedule of the to-do maintenance tasks directly on your IPad through property management apps for IPad can make things easier.

Direct Contact with the landlord – Online communication through an app is very handy. It can help you both, the landlord and the tenants share payment receipts including any other required information or documents within the property app minimizing the face-to-face conversations.

House Rules – Like many other landlords you may also have certain rules obligatory for your tenants to follow. Creating a specialized list on the app will let you stay assured that your tenants are following all of them.


Property management apps are the best development features to create for IPad and iPhone devices. They above everything eliminate the huge amount of routine tasks for both, tenants and the landlords. Of course, something will be there to carry out manually. But, keeping all rental-related information and documentation in your pocket can bring things under your control and make them work safely.

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