Handmade Gift Box for a Perfume Bottle without Breaking It

Handmade gift boxes are of key importance for making a great impression of your personality on receivers. For example, handmade perfume boxes can help you to express your feelings to receivers as it shows you care about the person to whom you present the gift in these top-notch boxes. Perfume containers made with sturdy and long-lasting packaging ingredients are important to keep the perfume bottles safe from breaking. Utilizing them for gifting purposes can be a unique way to inspire others.

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How to make a handmade gift package for perfume?

If you are hunting for a high-end gift packaging to inspire your beloved ones, here is how to make your own gift boxes that can help you to get desired results. By following steps it will be more fun to make them on your own.

  1. Materials collection:

For crafting perfume subscription boxes for as gift packages out of cardboard or other packaging materials you will require materials like cardboard sheets, ribbons, cutter, pencil, ruler, and adhesives. They are easily available at most of the houses, so this activity will be cost-effective for you but will make a great impression of your personality and express your care for the gift receivers.

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  1. Outline your Box design:

For crafting an outstanding gift box, you can use available online templates as they will provide you with the right measurements and dimensions of your proposed box. Just download such a template and print it out on the cardboard sheets or draw the outline yourself to get the desired shape and size of your package. For this purpose use a bold marker in order to distinguish the lines to cut or score to give it a final shape. In this regard keeping the size of a perfume bottle in mind would be beneficial to get the right fit solution.

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  1. Make cuts:

Once you are done with the designing or outlining the box shape and design on the cardboard sheet, it is the time to cut the sheets according to the template or outline of your desired packaging box. Make sure that you are cutting the required portion neatly in order to maximize the neatness of the package. You can use a ruler in order to make it easy for you to cut correctly. Sharp edge cutter can help you in making cuts effectively without damaging the cardboard sheet.

Make cuts

  1. Draw scoring lines:

To make folding of the required flaps easy it is necessary to draw scoring lines perfectly. For making creases to the sheets, you can utilize a ruler and scoring tool that will help you to keep the scoring lines straight and will maintain the original design of the gift box. Rightly drawn scoring lines will surely help you to get a perfect match for your perfume bottles and will keep them protected from breaking. Inappropriate creasing can damage the packaging design and will cause the waste of packaging resources.

perfume boxes Draw scoring lines

  1. Make folds:

After making neat and clean creases on the scoring lines mentioned on the template, now you have to make folds accordingly in order to give your perfume subscription boxes for gifting a final shape. Make the appropriate folds to required flaps and lappets without confusing them with non-folding areas of the desired box.

perfume boxes Make folds

  1. Glue or tape up

After completing the folding activity, it is the time to strengthen these boxes by glueing them up. Use high-quality glue on the required areas of the boxes and let them dry for some time. You can use double-sided tape as well in this step but as much your boxes will be empowered with strong jointing elements they will make a more positive impression of your personality as the quality of the packaging is what that will make your personality impactful for gift receivers, so using glue might be a better choice.

  1. Add finishing touch

Now, it is time to decorate your crafted boxes with ribbons and other decorative elements. You can utilize colorful gift wrapping papers and stickers with wishing messages. Congratulation you have prepared your own handmade gift box for perfume bottles that is fully capable to prevent these bottles from breaking and other damages and to make a positive impact on your beloved ones.


We know that gifting is the habit that keeps you remembered by others, and when it comes to gift perfume bottles it inspires others if they are packaged in handmade packages. If you want to keep your beloved ones happy and remembering you due to your unique personality and selection of packaging solutions for gifting items, the above-described steps will surely help you to fulfil this need. The formation of perfume boxes for gift purposes with these steps and suggested materials will make your personality known among the crowd. Always try to give gifts in handmade boxes as they are perfect to inspire others and express your love and care for them.

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