Gift Baskets and Hampers That You Can Make Yourself


Gifts play an important role in a person’s life. They are a symbol of unconditional love and affection that one holds for someone special in life. To bestow your blessings on people, you admire it’s better to gift them something that matches their personality.

A well thought is to create a personalized hamper on your own, to have some colorful and creative experiences. But keeping a set of tips in mind is necessary to prevent your time and investment from getting wasted.

Knowing the basis of designing a gift Basket

Before you start designing a gift hamper, it’s better to know the interests and requirements of the recipient of the hamper.

You should always include items that would benefit them in the long run. Gifts and hampers hold an everlasting impact on the receiver if they are of use. There is a need to go deep into the personality of the person you are planning to gift.

Most probably following are the occasions when you are likely to make hampers for your loved ones.

  • If it’s a friend’s wedding
  • A close family member’s baby shower
  • Christmas Eve
  • Kid’s birthday party
  • Business Party

Gifting doesn’t need an occasion if the intentions are pure, and love is true. But certain things are to be kept in mind before deciding the design of the hamper.

The most important is the age of the receiver. If it’s a hamper for a friend of your age, you’ll hardly face any difficulty in making the hamper. But if there are small children, your relatives or grandparents, then you need to make the hamper as per their tastes and interests.

There is no point in gifting useless things that would just waste time and effort of yours and would not please the receiver as well.

Go through a series of step to make the best hampers for your loved ones.

What is the Theme of your Gift?

The theme is the basic element of preparing a gift basket. It lets you decide what exactly you will gift a person. It can be a Christmas theme, an all girl’s bachelorette party, a baby shower, a business party, or families function.

So the gifts in the hamper must match up with the real purpose of the occasion. Don’t just randomly pick up things and put them in a basket. Hampers, in a way, give a very warm feel and maintain consistency in your relationships with others. So, think twice before gifting something.

Go well with the budget.

Budget is another concern while designing a basket. If you are falling short of money, try to go for handmade hampers. Many people find handmade gifts priceless.

If it’s a festive season, you can pack some homemade cookies along with cakes and fruits. They turn out to be a healthy and convenient option, as well.

Deciding for the Contents

After you decide the theme and budget for the hamper you need to look for the right contents to fit into the basket. Always go for relevant products and items that would suit the receiver. Never gift a person just for the sake of doing it. It’s important to put in your heart and right efforts in preparing gift hampers.

A Christmas hamper can have a nice champagne bottle wrapped with red ribbons. You can also include puddings, cupcakes, and other eatables that would go with the latter. If it’s a friend’s wedding, go with a short greeting card having your blessings quoted on it, along with beautiful pieces of porcelain.

For a kid’s birthday party you can have colorful flowers, fancy chocolates, candies, beautiful stationery items or toys. You need to decide on the contents which apart from making them feel special would also benefit them shortly.

Containers to Carry

Commonly used containers for the gift hampers include decorative baskets. But it’s high time now, to get out of the old conventional methods and go for some more exciting and creative options of gifting.

You can include some recycle cardboard boxes wrapped with nice gift wraps, or use a fancy bowl or a plate to present your hamper.


Fillers are one of the useful pieces that will make your hampers presentable. You can use a shredder to create as much filler material. If not, it’s better to go for scrunched bits of paper.

The filler material gives a perfect base to your hamper. It lets you gifts, and other elements fit well into the container base.

Now is the time to perfectly arrange the hamper. Arrangement plays the best role in making your hamper presentable.

Carefully choose the items that you want to place in front and the ones that you want to keep at the back. It is better to have the tall items in front and the smaller ones around them.

If it’s a Christmas hamper then wine bottles are a center of attraction for the gift hampers, start the arrangement by having the champagne bottles in between and then put the small, large packets of food items around them.

If the items are more than the container, you can overlap some of the items by making use of sticky or glittery tapes without compromising with the beauty of the hamper.

If there is still some kind of empty spaces left in the hamper, you can have small chocolates, candies scattered over the basket to fill it.

The final touch

Now is the time to give a final touch to your lovely hamper. Wrapping is an essential step to give the final touch to the hamper. Most commonly used wrapping material is the cellophane sheet, because it is transparent.

You can use the cellophane wrappings and clear plastic covers from the gifts that you’ve received. Recycling is the best way to add grace to your hamper, along with cutting the cost for packaging.

You can also use colorful gift wraps, velvet fabrics to cover the base of the basket, ribbons to decorate your hamper. These will give a subtle and clean touch along with a blast of colors and sparkles all over.

Ribbons are a perfect chose to give a finishing touch to the hamper.

Final Words

Lastly never forget to leave a wishing note for the receiver where you can jot down the best wishes for the occasion. Greeting cards will complement the hampers and depict the true intentions of gifting.

If there’s an occasion running down the corners, light up the creativity in you and design the best gift hampers for your family and friends.

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