Follow these 10 Cleaning Habits to Lead a Healthier Life

10 Cleaning Habits for A Healthier Lifestyle

A dustbin stacked in one corner of the house, dirty dishes lying in the sink for weeks, dusty carpets, and unwashed bed sheets. These all are signs of an unhealthy home. Because over time bacteria and mold starts forming colonies on an unclean object. As a result, you expose yourself to unknown dangers. Instead, cleaning and hygiene are inter-relatable. In a study it was shown that women who live in messier houses have high levels of cortisol levels. In other words, people who live in dirty houses are prone to experience more stress than the ones who live in clean homes. 

Now, imagine entering your home from a hard day at work. As soon as you enter the premises of your house you can clearly see the messes surrounding your home. Do you think you will feel positive or relaxed? Absolutely not. On the other hand, if you come home to a clean space, the joy of lying down on clean sheets will help you relax. So, instill these ten cleaning habits and keep your house germ-free. 

Clean as you go

Let’s face it, cleaning is not a likable job. Nobody wakes up in the morning with the thought of cleaning. Rather it should be a habit formed over time. Just like folding the blanket after use. If you do this every day, your mind will get accustomed to the habit. You will think of it as a routine and not a cleaning task. Similarly, washing the dishes after every meal will prevent mold and bacteria from topping the plates. So, cleaning on the go is the key to a healthier lifestyle. 

Clean the kitchen sink thoroughly

Did you know that there are more germs on the sink than a toilet bowl? Indeed a shocking revelation, perhaps it is vital to clean the sink and the dishes at the same time. The fact that you wash the plates and utensils laced in food inside the sink is reason enough for regular washing. But most of the time people forget to clean the sink or deliberately leave it unclean. As a result, your sink becomes home to a bacteria called E. Coli. 

So, make sure you scrub the sink with a disinfectant at least once a week. Plus if you clean the sink regularly the chances of coming in contact with the bacteria reduces to zero. 

Clean light switches and doorknobs 

Bacteria and viruses can survive for a maximum of 48 hours on dirty surfaces. Especially during monsoons when the chances of catching flu are most likely. Surfaces like doorknobs, handles, light switches are easy targets. Plus it wouldn’t be wrong to say that handles and switches are not cleaned regularly. Instead, those are the surfaces that you touch often. Subsequently, cleaning them twice a week with a good disinfectant becomes mandatory. 

Sweep and mop the floor

How often do you sweep and mop your floor? If the answer is daily, you have saved yourself from a lot of troubles. But if the answer is no, you should start cleaning the floor quite often. Instead, floors can be the germiest place in the house and if you have kids it becomes even more important to clean the floors. Be it a hardwood or tile flooring both require daily cleaning. Consequently, make a pact with your broom and mop today that you will keep the floor germ and dust free every day. 

Mobile phones also need disinfecting

It is no surprise that all of us use, carry and keep a mobile phone with us. Plus there is always something that requires disinfecting. Like TV remote, phones, water taps, and chopping boards. Speaking of cell phones, they carry germs and bacteria in abundance. Yes, the same phone you so lovingly carry every day and play games on. 

If you think that the toilet seat is the dirtiest place in the house. You are wrong. Your phone has ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, you don’t know what kind of germs and bacteria you might be carrying all day with you. And next time you start cleaning the toilet seat I hope it reminds you of your phone too. 

Wipe off dirt from the countertops 

Kitchen countertop is another place in your house that needs a thorough cleaning. Because countertops are magnets for bacteria and germs. Cleaning them with regular cloth or sponge will not be enough. You need to use a good kitchen cleaner twice a week to stop germs from spreading all over the surface. In fact, the area of the countertop around the sink is the most dirtiest. So, make sure you wipe it off with a disinfectant and a clean rag. 

Deep clean for optimal upkeep

Deep cleaning is one of the best ways to keep a track of dirt that gathers in the far-fetched areas of your house. Areas like the farthest corners and ceilings of your house are left ignored for months and require utmost attention. In fact, there is more to deep cleaning than just cleaning corners. It is more about tidying everything in your house thoroughly. A deep clean once every 4-5 months will help you lead a healthier and cleaner life. 

Remove shower stains from the bathroom

I personally feel if the bathroom is dirty, everything else around the house is also unclean. To accomplish the goal of a clean bathroom you have to not only clean the floor but also the shower curtains, holders, washbasin, and water taps. Only then will you be able to have a clean and germ-free bathroom. 

The toilet seat and the bowl both are the germiest place in the bathroom. Consequently, cleaning the bowl and the toilet seat with the brush becomes essential. However, other areas like the shower curtain and the toothbrush holder hold equal importance. So, clean the toilet with a toilet cleaner, wipe the holder, taps with a disinfectant, and throw the shower curtain in the washing machine. 

Keep shoes at bay

Don’t take your shoes beyond the main door of the house. Just think about all the places your shoes have been to. Now, think about the various germs you will be bringing inside the house. To avoid extra dirt from reaching the rooms and kitchen of your house, stack a shoe rack right next to the entrance. This way every time you walk barefoot on the floor you will rest assured that the floor is clean. 

Make your bed every morning

Research says that if you make your bed every morning, you will stay stress-free. The sight of a clean bed decreases the level of stress hormones in the body. In addition to this, I came across a book titled ‘The Happiness Project’. In the book, it was mentioned that making your bed regularly is the first step to positivity and happiness. So, get down to the basics and invest in a happier life by making your bed every morning. 

I am sure you all have that friend who makes cleaning look easy and enjoyable. These friends have perpetually good looking apartments or home. No matter how many times you enter their house you will always find it clean. Whereas some hire and tip house cleaners to keep their home impeccably clean. Even you can be like your friend. Just make regular cleaning a part of your life and you will always stay away from the danger of catching diseases due to an unclean house.

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