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Different Types Of Air Conditioner And Its Functionalities


An air conditioner is a machine that is used to maintain the heat, and create a specific temperature, balance the humidity in the indoor spaces. The air conditioning process is mostly applied to maintain the indoor hot temperature for personal comfort. An air conditioner is not only used in home or residences but also in industrial applications, hospital rooms, chemical lab e.t.c. An air conditioner is used for various industrial applications for keeping the equipment and machines at a particular temperature. There are some processes like welding which produce a tremendous amount of heat that needs to be controlled to some extent.

The air conditioning process for industrial use and personal comfort is a bit different process. Air conditioning for industrial purposes requires better functionalities to control temperature and humidity. Some industrial applications demand a high degree and powerful method of filtering and separation of contaminants. The home-based air conditioner is only required to make the person comfort as much as possible. There are some other places where it is used; those are architecture design, energy consumption, sound emissions, and weather forecasting. Buying an air conditioner is not enough; AC installation is also a vital process that should be done correctly.

Different Types Of Air Conditioner

It can be a bit stressful or confusing to choose a perfect air conditioner for your home. There are different types of air conditioners available in the market which look different, and the working process is also different.

Central Air conditioning

It is the most commonly used air conditioning system and the most preferable also due to its ability to cool down the temperature for larger homes too. Cold air is circulated by the central air conditioner through supply and return tubes. Supply tubes and registers that are attached to the home walls or floors can able to carry chilled air into the home. When the inside air becomes warm, it flows back to the supply channels and registers, from where it will be again returned back to the air conditioner.

The proper sizing and measurement is the most vital thing of the central air conditioner, that’s why proper planning and preparation is required for the fitting. If the central air conditioner installation is of the wrong size, then you have to face the energy efficiency problem and other problems also that you need to spend more cost on it.

Ductless, Mini-split Air Conditioner

The retro-fitted ductless and mini-split air conditioner is used in the parts of the house. This air conditioning system also has two parts, one is an outdoor compressor and condenser, and another one is an indoor handling unit. If you want AC only for your small individual room, then this is the perfect air conditioner system. There are many ductless and mini-split systems that may have four indoor handling units; these are all connected to the outside unit.  The thermostat is connected to each zone, that is allowing you to adjust the room temperature. This is correctly used for cooling a particular part of the house. 

Window Air Conditioner

 A window air conditioner acts as a compact unit that can only cool one particular room. This air conditioner is installed in the window of a room, and it is also known as ‘unitary unit.’ The window air conditioner collects the warm air from the office and releases it outside the office and blow the fresh air inside the room. This kind of air conditioner is suitable for those who leave in small spaces. Window AC installation charges a bit low as it is fitted in a window.

Portable air conditioner

This type of AC is regarded as the next generator of window AC units. A portable air conditioner takes the hot air from the room and makes it cool then releases the fresh air into the room. Portable air conditioners are also designed in such a way that it can cool only one place. It is effortless to install, and the AC installation cost is too meager. 

Hybrid Air Conditioner

Hybrid heat pump machine alternate between burning fuels and fossil, just like hybrid cars and uses electricity to run the system. The system designs in that way, that it cam chooses between two different energy sources to save lots of energy and money. In the summer, the working principle of this system is quite the same. It takes heat from the inside of your home and releases it outside. But in the winter, this system works in the opposite manner. It brings warm air from the outside and releases it into your home. The second law of thermodynamics states that heat flows from a hot area to a cold area. The temperature of the refrigerants reduces from the outside; the heat from the outside is transferred to the heat pump’s coil and also to the refrigerants.  Now, the weather can be converted into warm air for your home.

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