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How Social Media Automation Can Help Your Startup?

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Small businesses and startups have several things that stay common across all types of businesses. One of these things you find in small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures is a scarcity of two very important commodities: time and money. Small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the importance of any tool that can help them save on […]

10 Unbelievably Popular SEO Myths You Must Ignore

10 Unbelievably Popular SEO Myths You Must Ignore

SEO is not rocket science and to achieve success here all you have to do is get your basics right. Now if you ask why do I need to make the effort in the first place when I can tap on my potential customers from the social media platforms – the question will be counted […]

5 Tactics on How to Get Backlinks Without Making A New Content


A back-link is probably the most coined term in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Although most of the people new to blogging and website development often mistook the concept of backlinks, they are often closely related to link building. However, content is not mandatory for building links all the time- several tactics allow […]