The 5 Best Logo Makers to Create Your Logos 

Logo Maker

Having your logo is essential to publicize the brand of your company or project. The logo signifies who you are and the corporation’s values. With the logo, you will achieve that recipients associate the products and services offered with it. This is very useful for users to remember you quickly, facilitating sales. Logo Maker

A good logo stands out for its simplicity, making it easier to remember. For its adaptability, it must adapt to any medium and size. For its readability —that is, that there are no problems understanding what it says—its timelessness —essential so that it will be remembered for years— and its originality —of course, each logo must be unique and linked to a single entity.

This article will list some tools to help you create your logo to improve your sales and position in the market. Next, we analyze which are the seven best platforms to create logos. Continue reading for more information.

All best logo makers you should know

Adobe Illustrator

It is one of the most professional tools for vector graphics editing. This type of edition is the most recommended for creating logos since the images created with the graphic tools are made up of different geometric objects predisposed to each other. Visually speaking, these stand out for the essential simplicity. 

Adobe Illustrator is the benchmark program for creating vector images, the most recommended for company logos.

Adobe Illustrator works with a drawing board, in which you have different tools to draw and paint illustrations and create and design images. Some of them are the align panel, the pathfinder, the layers panel, the clipping mask, the blend tool, or the ruler. It is a complete program available in Spanish. However, this is not free, and you will have to pay for it to use it. Another drawback is that it can be complex to understand, so you will need to spend some time to learn yourself with this program. Logo Maker


The second of the applications that we must consider to create a logo is CorelDRAW. This tool allows you, among other things, to edit texts and create new fonts, also change existing ones. In addition, you can edit images. 

It is one of the most professional tools out there for image editing. You can edit and create text fonts, edit images, or create vector projects from scratch.

The good thing about CorelDRAW is that it gives you to start a project is that it has very professional tools to work with. Some of the most useful ones are the shape tool and the other standard tools, such as the rectangle, circle, and eclipse. Unfortunately, it is a paid application, although, from the official website, you can download the installer online for free and use it for a 15-day trial limit.  


Of course, when talking about tools to create logos, you cannot leave Logo Maker aside. This digital software is available for free online. You do not need to download any program; it can be opened with the browser. This online logo maker contains a vast collection of artistic works, thanks to which you can create your corporate image. 

The good thing about Logo Maker is that it allows you to create logos without being an editing expert. The tool contains a vast collection of images created by professionals.

You will have to choose the design that catches his attention, the font, add the text for the logo, select the colors and finally create the original logo. The truth is that the results are very professional, and the free version of the tool allows you to create up to 6 logos for free and even obtain the HTML code to embed them on your website.


It is another of the tools specialized in the creation of logos professionals for companies. This application allows you to choose from a wide variety of predesigned logos to modify them and adjust them to your preferences. Logastar also gives you the option of designing your corporate image with business cards, documents, letters, and other stationery options.

However, the online program limits the quality of the images when downloading them. In addition, when doing so, the watermark of the tool used will appear. In any case, its free version can serve as inspiration to later proceed to make the logo with professional programs for editing and creating vector images.


DesingEvo is another of the tools that you are available to design logos online. This application will guide you throughout creating your logo so that the final result is professional and of quality. To do this, it has numerous templates and icons, and fonts of all kinds, ideal for those who have never created a company logo.

DesignEvo allows you to work with more than 10,000 logo templates divided according to the specific industry. DesingEvo is a tool that allows you to create logos utterly free of charge. It has more than 10,000 templates depending on the themes, such as gaming, football, music, YouTube, trucks, cafes, technology. In addition, from the website, you can download the logos in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG format.


If you want to get a logo for your business but are not a design expert, these tools can cost-effectively help you create a logo.

If you have design expertise, you can also go to online logo makers to find inspiration for designing logos.

Then there are the companies that are just starting. Usually, many things will come by themselves. For the logo part, you can get help from these platforms.