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Backsplash Tiles Trend That Adds Value to a Kitchen


Kitchen decoration does not end up with the Kitchen Island or Countertop only. The backsplash can add drama and style to the area. It is a portion of the wall or the entire wall to cover between the countertops and cabinets. Backsplash tiles are important to install since they protect the walls from cooking spills and splatters. In our days, backsplashes are also considered to be the center of attention for a cooking area. Whatsoever may be your reason to use the backsplash tiles, it is a good idea to follow the best kitchen backsplash ideas before making the final choice.

There are arrays of tile materials, styles, and colors available for the kitchen backsplash. Your choice of preference completely depends on your particular purpose of having a backsplash; to protect the walls from spills and splatters or merely to beautify the cooking area. If you are looking for some easy to clean backsplash, ceramic or glass tiles are the best tile options to pick, whereas if you want to give a charming call to the area, the best idea will be to use natural stones.

When making the final pick, it is very important to look over the pricing structure of the tiles you want to choose and the overall installation. Before you reach out to renowned backsplash tile suppliers it is good to look out the best kitchen backsplash ideas that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen area.

Porcelain & Ceramic Backsplash Tiles

These are the most common and widespread types of backsplash tiles. They are available in arrays of size, style, and shapes. You can buy your favorite option as a sheet of small mosaic tiles or as single pieces. Moreover, porcelain and ceramic tiles are considered to be one of the most affordable and readily available types of backsplashes.

Glass Backsplash Tiles

This type is the most popular today due to its translucent and reflective features. Glass tiles are sold in a variety of sizes, color, and finishes. These tiles are in particular appreciated for its depth. They are fit to use with any modern décor. Also, they are often mixed with mosaic tiles. These types of tiles are a little bit more expensive than the porcelain though they are easy to clean and almost maintenance-free. So, it is a good idea to take help from an expert backsplash glass tile installer to get the work done correctly.

Marble & Natural Stone Backsplash Tiles

Marble and natural stone are the best fit for backsplash in a traditional kitchen. Though readily available, these tiles are not widely used. Any natural product you use it is most expensive and calls for more and dear maintenance. Marble and stone both tend absorbing liquid and stains quickly. Well, to serve the purpose a sealant is usually used while installing marble or stone tiles. Rough cut stone designs are also an option to decorate your kitchen backsplash but owing to the tough to clean feature these type of tiles are not much appreciated to install in the busy areas.

Another Thought

You can give your kitchen a seamless look by using the same material for both countertop and backsplash. This option is extremely exciting especially when you have a busy countertop. Another unique and uncontaminated option is to install a full sheet of SS or glass. This option can be really expensive but will give the area a modern look.

Suggestions to Determine

Handling the project for the first time or being inexperienced you may get lost on what type and design of backsplash you should choose. Well, you can consider the tips treated below and determine the best fit for your type of kitchen.

  • Budget – Referring to the previous wording, some type of backsplash tiles can be expensive and more importantly some of them require an expert backsplash tile installer to get the project done professionally.
  • Maintenance – If you think your cooking area is the most used corner of your house and your cooking can produce more stains, spills, and splatters on the backsplash, you are recommended to opt for the low maintenance options like porcelain or glass tiles which are quite easy to wipe down
  • Style – Consider picking up a design that can coordinate well with your existing kitchen style, otherwise you can end up your kitchen updating project with a luxurious but mish-mash look. For example, glass tiles could be a little more modern for your kitchen if already has a traditional look.
  • Countertop – Today people prefer to have a less busy and simpler look. This means if you have installed wild and busy granite on your countertop than keep your backsplash simple. To the reverse, if you are having a clean countertop then you can opt for a busy mosaic backsplash.

In the whole wide world, there is no shortage of notorious backsplash tile manufacturers. Some out of these are renowned and top-rated manufacturers and retailers, whereas some are small artisan tile manufacturing companies that produce truly unique and creative products. The backsplash tiles can make your kitchen a striking personality but many out of them could be difficult to obtain. You may come across some large companies that produce easy to purchase products at their local tile stores which are usually considered to be less expensive than the small artisan tile making companies out of which you may find some bland and uninspiring. It is hard to determine whether to go for a large company or a small artisan tile maker. Important to determine is that the company you take help from should be genius enough to balance the buying convenience, price, style, and quality; and the 3 best companies listed below scores the hit.

Décor Papa

Décor Papa, a leading tile shop Mississauga, is a wholesaler and distributor of high-quality tiles in the GTA area. It offers its customers arrays of quality tiles that can best suit their needs. The products manufactured and distributed by the company are new, attractive, best in quality, and affordable.

J&L Tiles

J&LTiles‘ is a manufacturer direct and wholesale dealer of natural stone, all kind of mosaic, and porcelain products. Since established, the company has earned a great reputation for its extensive selection of products, creative and innovative design assistance, and exceptional customer service.

Factory Tile Depot

FTD offers its customers the most innovative and pleasurable tile both online and in-store. The company has created a unique buying experience for its customers from showcasing a unique and wide selection of tiles to the best installation services served by skilled and talented installers.

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