Android Real-Time Location Tracking App

Have you ever used an app to trace location of someone? If not, we have reviewed here the most advanced location tracking app that allows accessing exact location of an android device. The app is particularly designed for parents to keep tabs on whereabouts of their children. Parents can protect their children from the threats of the real world by keeping an eye on their outside tours. They can follow their kids to schools, play areas and other places they are used to travel every day. Read on to know how android real-time location tracking app makes unsupervised traveling safe for kids and tension-free for parents.

Android Real-Time Location Tracker App

The location finding app enables parents to keep an eye on whereabouts of their kids. You must know where you kid is at the moment. What if you have left him at school but he bunked classes to make an unplanned and uninformed tour with his fellows? The location monitoring app keeps you updated about your kid’s GPS location even when you are far away. The working parents can take support of the location monitoring to keep a secret eye on their children and supervise their visits distantly.

How Location Tracking App Work

To take advantage of this high-tech app you need to get your kid’s android phone installed with it. Once you install the app on the required device, you do not need to access it again to check out your kid’s traveling detail. The app automatically informs you about your kid’s safe and unsafe visits. It tells you where your kid is at the moment and where he was before. It also lets you know if he has visited any prohibited location like a bar or any unsafe adult zone.

Find Out Exact Current Location

The accuracy of the location finding app is commendable. You can find out the exact current GPS location of your kids with the help of location tracker app. It helps ensure that your children are there where they are supposed to be.

Get Location History

The app does not only show current location of the android device but also provides detail of locations visited before. You can find out where your kid was at a certain time period. Also, you can see which route he has taken to reach school or any other place. The app also lets you know how much time your kid spent on certain place.


The geo-fencing feature of android real-time location tracker app allows parents to mark boundaries around their children to ensure their safety. If you are concerned about your kid’s visit to unsafe locations like red zone areas, bars or cafes, you can use this app to prevent your children from visiting such unsafe locations. You only need to mark all the unsafe or forbidden locations and the app will notify you if you kid visits any of those marked areas.

How to Use Real-Time Location Finder App

To get the location tracker app you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy. Subscribe to android tracker app and download it on your kid’s phone. You can trace any Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC or Motorola smartphone running android OS 5 and above. Install the app following the user-friendly installation method. After successful app installation, you can log into the online portal of TheOneSpy to start tracking.

The app gets access to the GPS location of the android device and uploads to the online portal. You can check out the exact location of your kid’s device without doing anything or accessing his phone. You only need to open your phone browser and to log into the online portal of the location finder app.

Trace Real-Time Location with TheOneSpy (TOS) Navigator App

You can also check out the GPS location of the targeted cell phone without logging into the web portal of TheOneSpy. There is a TOS navigator app that lets you check out the real-time location of the targeted android phone right away without wasting time on logins. Download and install the app on your phone and check out your kid’s phone location swiftly. There is more you can do using TOS android monitoring solution

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