5 Businesses That Could Use Air Compressors

Use Air Compressors

Air compressors use fuel or electricity to pressurize air, store it in tanks and release it when it is needed. Most modern-day businesses, large and small, require compressed air in one way or another. Many industries use air compressors because they are efficient and effective in providing power for various uses.

Where is compressed air used? Compressed air is used to provide clean air, propel vehicles, and power up tools such as drills and air hammers, among other uses. Nearly all processing and production industries require compressed air. Let’s check out businesses that could use air compressors.

Textile industries

Compressed air might not seem like a necessity to the textile industry, but it is absolutely important. Using it in almost all levels of the supply chain can help one’s business to be fast and effective, and rise above the competition.

What are some of the key uses of compressors in textiles?

  • Powering tools that clean the facilities and keeping other equipment in good condition.
  • Increasing the value of finished products by adding texture and other details to fabrics.
  • Powering industrial equipment such as air-jet looms and spinning machines as well as polyester yarns, other fabrics, and equipment that’s used to make denim jeans.
  • Reducing operating costs by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels for operation.

In the future, compressors will play more roles in the textile industry. These include:

  • Making operation more sustainable by reducing the waste production.
  • Preventing contamination of the air due to air/fluid mixture.
  • Minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity to satisfy customer demands
  • Reducing maintenance cost of industrial equipment by keeping them in perfect condition and preventing rust formation.

Soft toy businesses

In the past, the manufacturing of soft toys such as teddy bears was solely reliant on hand sewing. Today, teddy bears are still hand sewn. However, some well-known brands that invite people to make their own teddy bears encourage the use of compressed air to propel stuffing into the bears.

Air compressors are also used to put the eyes and noses of the toys. Generally, in soft toy making, compressed air helps to efficiently turn floppy pieces of material into something that we can cuddle.


Compressors play a big part in the agricultural industry. For instance, farmers use air-powered pumps to milk their cows. Also, compressors help to power crop sprayers, water pumps, and fertilizer application.

Some of the contemporary uses of air compressors include greenhouse ventilation and waterproofing irrigation systems. In fishing, vacuum nozzles driven compressors can be used to gut and clean fish before processing, making the process quick and efficient.

Compressors have also proved useful when it comes to killing weeds in organic farms. For instance, a farmer in Minnesota has been using ground-up apricot pits under pressure to kill weeds. Other substances such as corn gluten meal are being tested. This corn gluten meal is sprayed under high pressure to kill weeds and, at the same time, feed the soil.

Home maintenance and repairs

Tools that are associated with home maintenance and repair are mostly manual and require lots of energy and manpower to run. However, businesses can make repair jobs easier and increase their profit margins in the process.

Air compressors can be used in smaller jobs, such as installing PVC valves. Compressed air and a combination of the right tools can be used to remove tough bolts in a few minutes.

Yard work and landscaping might also be made easier by attaching hoses to air compressors. Compressed air will then suck leaves and debris from yards through the hoses. These hoses can also be used to remove puddles of water in incontinent places during maintenance.

Homeowners can also use air compressors for DIY home maintenance. This includes blowing the sprinkler system, painting, and powering tools such as wrenches and hammers.

Food and beverage

Air compressors help to deliver safe, high-quality, and contaminate-free food and beverages. In this business, compressed air can be used in inflating and stuffing products, or mixing, ejecting, and aerating substances.

Oil-free compressors are ideal for food and beverage businesses as they eliminate the chances of air-based contamination by guaranteeing absolute air purity.

Other places where air compressors could be used

Wind energy generation

Using renewable and clean energy is one of the ways that we can save the planet from the effects of global warming. However, some of the renewable energy sources such as wind have proven unreliable because the wind does not always blow.

Fortunately, farms that rely on wind energy can now breathe easy as air compressors have made it reliable in the long-term. Excessive wind energy is stored in compressed air tanks for use during off-peak energy times.

Carpentry and furniture

Compressed air makes carpentry and furniture building easier. Air compressors power various pneumatic tools used in this business – such as nail guns.

Sandblasters help in the preparation of surfaces for treatment. Additionally, they help to remove dirt and dust from metal and wood. There are other carpentry tools that utilize compressed air too. This air also helps to keep the tools in great condition by preventing overheating and rusting.

Party planning

Entertainment equipment in parties – such as bouncy houses – requires a steady stream of pressurized air to be inflated. Such a healthy stream of pressurized air can only come from air compressors. Other party activities and games such as paintballing rely on compressed air too.

Choosing the right air compressor for your business

If you are looking for a compressor for providing clean and consistent energy for your business, consider the following factors:


Ensure that you choose a compressor that fits the needs and the equipment that you need to run. Usually, compressors come in three distinct types and sizes:

  • Consumer-grade: these are small and portable for DIY projects.
  • Professional grade: are larger than consumer-grade, can power several tools at once. They may overheat when used continuously.
  • Industrial grade: if you need a compressor for continuous use, go for an industrial-grade one. They can run at the same temperature despite demand and can power multiple tools

Future needs

If you plan on expanding your business in the future, consider that when buying an air compressor. Make sure that you buy a compressor that will fit your future energy needs, so you do not have to replace it when you expand your business.

Amount of power that you need

The capability of a compressor is measured in cubic feet per meter (cfm). There are several types of cfm including:

  • Displaced cfm
  • Actual cfm
  • Standard cfm

To determine the cfm that you need, add the requirements of the tools that you want to operate with the compressor, then add 30 percent to that figure to be safe.

In conclusion

Compressed air is required in almost all modern-day businesses, including fashion, brickwork, and the business mentioned in this article. In the future, we expect to see more and more industries and innovations using compressed air. When choosing a compressor for your business, do not forget to consider the tips shared above.

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