4 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Contact Centre Customer-Centric

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At the present time, having a customer-centric mind-set is vital for business owners, because if your products and services aren’t focussed to cater customer needs, all the possibilities of getting succeeded in the market will vanish. And it won’t take time your business to reach its end, which you surely don’t want to happen, right? So, always keep customers’ expectations in mind while working on your products and services.

By and large, businesses succeed to come up with customer-oriented products because they first analyze what is trending in the market. However, this is not the case with customer service as the same old methods are being used to providing assistance.

Today, we will learn how you can make your contact centre customer-centric, how about we begin:

1. Give your first preference verbatim customer feedback

To deliver unmatched support service, it is significant to study customer feedback as that’s the best way to know expectations. Once you are aware of customers’ expectations related to support service, you are likely to deliver high-quality solutions. Besides ensuring a buttressed customer base, this will result in bolstered brand equity.

So, if you really want to run a customer-focused contact centre, always solicit feedback after every service interaction. After that, analyze it to learn what delighted customers and whatnot. And then, take the necessary steps to raise the bar of your service.

The piece of advice is, always give more preference to verbatim customer feedback. What’s that? Verbatim customer feedback is comments-based feedback. It is important because score-based customer feedback doesn’t provide necessary insights, therefore, it’s quite hard to improve the quality of support service.

Therefore, give the first preference to verbatim customer feedback if you are willing to operate a customer-centric contact centre.

2. Keep your IVR system reliable

Do you know the support channel that customers choose most of the time when there is a need of help? ‘Voice channel.’ This is so because the telephone support medium offers a human touch, which is unexpected from other service channels. That’s the main reason why businesses encounter the problem of high call volume every so often.

To handle customer calls aptly, outsourced contact centres try to enhance the reliability of their IVR system. By means of the first-rate IVR system, it gets easier to handle incoming calls because it offers many options to customers with regards to resolving different issues.

In case the IVR menu is so deep or complex, customers may get frustrated and abandon the call. When the call abandonment rate starts soaring, your customer base is likely to lose its strength in a short time span.

So, if you want to run the contact centre in such a manner that ensures customers’ happiness, have a reliable IVR system in your customer service operations. Here are some tips to upheave the reliability of your IVR system:

• Add relevant options in the IVR menu.

• Provide an option that directly connects the call with support agents.

• Wipeout all superfluous options to make certain the simplicity of the IVR menu.

3. Aim for good listening and unparalleled resolution

To delight customers during support interactions, it is significant to assist them in the best possible manner. As per the recent report by CallMiner, 61% of customers that contacted companies for the resolution to product-related problems generally leave the interaction with a negative frame of mind. This happens because of incompetent service agents.

By and large, customers lose their calmness due to ineffective processes that comprise long waiting times, poor FCR (first call resolution) rate. If industry reports are to be trusted, 46% of customers have very simple demands — ‘Want to listen during support interaction’ and ‘Quick delivery of A-Okay resolutions’.

To run a customer-oriented contact centre, all you need to do is to stick to basics, including active listening, no interruptions, and empathizing. By dint of this, you are likely to amplify the CSAT score with aplomb. In case you wish to cut all the clutter, join forces with an outsourced contact centre.

4. Continuous training

Training is vital in regards to running call centre operations seamlessly because service agents will only live up to customer expectations if they are trained for the same. At some point in time, support agents need additional training for resolving those issues which never come out earlier. In case the required training doesn’t get provided, there is a high possibility agents take more than enough time to provide expected resolutions. This definitely won’t go well with customers.

So, if you aim for winning customers’ hearts, never refuse to provide extra training. Never forget one thing happy agents always create fabulous service experiences. Hence, taking care of agent engagement is vital for operating a customer-focused contact centre.

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